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Default Debra Wilson spotting on E!

I just happened to change the channelwhen I saw Debra Wilson
on as a guest of the Style Network series. "Style Court" or
something like that title in which a person bring a relative (like a
brother/sister, mother/father or uncle aunt) or best friend
claming that they look stupid and needs a makeover to a fashion
stylist in the same way you go to court to sue someone for doing
some wrong.

Also it feautures Doug Llenmyn, the original court reporter on
The People's court to talk to them there ordeal is over.

For you MADtv fans, Doug actually made a guest appearence
during the first season in a skit called "Small Claim's Court" as

Anyone who have seen the series and the episode in which
Debra shows up in can repond here. It will help me right here
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