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You know what really grinds my gears? The fact that EVERY single f**king female in Southern California wanting to weigh 75 pounds and spend thousands on plastic surgery! I mean, it's not like anyone really cares if they weigh as much as an elephant or look like they fell down the entire ugly tree or anything. And also what's with celebrities naming their children retarded names? I mean COME ON, APPLE?! THAT'S NOT A NAME, THAT'S A DELICIOUS FRUIT!! How do you think she'll feel when she's 70 years old, with the nurses saying "Time for your medication, Apple!" OH WAIT, NO SHE WONT, BECAUSE SHE'LL HAVE SPENT SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS JUST TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK 30!!!! K, I'm done.

Originally posted by Dartanian
Did I mention that she is AMERICAN? No? Well she is, so don't try and say "It must be a New Zealand thing" you filthy, filthy people!

Sorry, Kurt, that one slipped from us...we're not all uncouth slobs here...wait a sec...don't answer that one.

Originally posted by Knickers

Well, once apon a time in a mIRC chatroom called #Planetmadtv a selected group of people (including myself) tAlkED lYkE thiSZzZ as a joke. But, I am now at the point where I *cannot* control it and I *cannot* stop it. If i can control it, it's only for a few fleeting minutes, so I'm going to hurry this up before i start DoinG THyS agAIN. Ciao.

Ouch, well best of luck fighting that addiction...and I think it's begun spreadinG tOO ME, TOo.


I've gone minimalist now

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