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Default Kenny Rogers & Pappy (#410)

Kenny Rogers – Will Sasso
Announcer (Voice) - Pat Kilbane

And now the comedy of Kenny Rogers and Pappy

(Kenny with his puppet Pappy)

Kenny: Hey Pappy

Pappy: Hey Kenny

Kenny: Isn’t great to be here

Pappy: if you say so

Kenny: Why don’t you say hello to all the nice people

Pappy: They don’t look so nice to me

Kenny: Now Pappy, don’t you start your funny stuff

Pappy: Well somebody’s gotta do something funny around here

Kenny: Pappy, you’re incorrigible

Pappy: Incorrigible? I thought I was in California

Kenny: HA, HA, HA, HA!
I’m thirsty
Hey why don’t you sing one of my hit songs while I drink this glass of Strawberry quick.

Pappy: Alright

(Kenny gurgles and spits strawberry milkshake all down himself, whilst attempting to sing.
Suddenly, Pappy’s head falls off…
Kenny stops for a moment
Then continues gurgling, spiting the milkshake, whilst twitching his fingers as if Pappy’s head was still there)

Announcer: Kenny Rogers and Pappy
Appearing this week at the hA-Ha HuT in Haha Hollywood
With Special guests:
Elane Boozler
Kevin Meanie


Kenny Rogers CS2 CHAMPION: Want sumthin' done right, Gotta doooo it yourself!
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