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Default Re: Dont mean to...

Originally posted by Mark Mitchell
turn this into the " Bash Ike " thread, but, what the heck, only live once, right? LOL...

I do not find Ike funny. Since I am a heterosexual male, I dont find Ike attractive. IMHO, Ike Barinholtz adds nothing to MO TV. Then again, neither does Ron Petersen, Josh Meyers, or Jordan Peele.

Ike prefers improv, huh? Well, all I got to say Ike is I prefer Aries Spears and Bobby Lee... improv your way on out... don't let the door knob hitcha' where the Good Lord splitcha'... and take Josh and Ron and Jordan with you...
I"d have to say that you just love to BASH ... I still think that you must have banged your head too hard on a turnbuckle, because you just don't know about talent or funny . And that's as nice as I can be

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