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Default Loopgarue and Hulahoop

  • Mo Collins ... Hulahoop (2 appearances)

    Christian Duguay ... Loopgarue (2 appearances)

    Aries Spears ... Mr. New Orleans Man (2 appearances)


    Christian Duguay and Mo Collins, two street musicians who were blinded in a chemical fire. They play for money in public forums. Loopgarue plays the guitar and Hulahoop plays the triangle. Aries Spears plays Mr. New Orleans Man, who tells Loopgarue and Hulahoop that they can not play at their current area because it is bothering people.


    608 Loopgarue and Hulahoop
    Loopgarue and Hulahoop perform in a train station.

    612 Loopgarue & Hulahoop: Movies
    Loopgarue and Hulahoop perform at the movie theater.

  • "How'd you get to be so sweet?" - Loopgarue / Hulahoop

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