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Default A Little Pill Called Ecstacy (#816)

Announcer: You feel a little tired lately, rundown, your not yourself, your losing interest in the things that you once loved, your relationships are suffering, you feel antisocial. If this describes your life there may be an answer, there may be help a little pill called ecstasy.
Ask your dealer if its right for you. Ecstasy works by releasing a series of chemicals into your system endorphins and ceritona.

Ball: He he party dude feel my skin i think its moving.

Announcer: The endorphins bring on a sense of nirvana .

Head: I think that tree was trying to tell me something I know the bird was.

Announcer: The ceritona allows you to feel a sense of bliss lasting for hours on end.

Head: What's your name? I love you.

Head: Look it's Moby

(Moby plays DJ)

Announcer: Ecstasy is not for everyone side effects include paralysis willingness to have sex with Margaret Cho and listening to crappy techno music. Ecstasy is often made by community college dropouts in trailers or cockroach infested bathrooms a lot of these can lead to prolonged discussion with socks shoes or other footwear. Occansionally ecstasy can lead to death or in severe cases a tendency to waste votes on the green party

part of it might be wrong because of the audience laughing and the voices in the commercial speak at the same time when i got this clip from a website

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