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Don't worry about Mo and Michael leaving. Not happening. We may as well have 7 other threads to worry our selves over about the other cast members leaving. Alex is the only one who may leave. And Andrew cause he's not funny but that's another story. Alex has been in other projects that allow her leads of absences. Her being on Titus disabled her from being on an episode of MadTV. I think someone mentioned that she was in a movie too?????? She has to take time off for that. Yes it is a sign that she may want to persue other career options but when Nicole did this, she announced she was leaving seasons before she actually did.

THe cast might not have known that the producers at the last minute decided to make this Stuart/Swan month. Doesn't prove a thing. I think what he meant to say was that last season only 2 Swan sketches aired and they have to make up for lost time or something. Either that or because the fans are so madly driven by Stuart and Swan that they had to do this to keep viewers because the writers can't do squat any more!

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