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Best Male
1)Jordan peele
2)Keegan Michael Key
3)Frank Caliendo

Best Female
1)Stephnie Weir
2)Daniele Gaither
3)Nicole Parker

Best Featured Player (Pre-determined)
1) Frank Caeti
2) Nicole Randall Johnson

Most Improved Cast Member
1)Daniele Gaither
2)Crista Flanagan
3)Keegan Michael Key

Best Looking Male
1)Frank Caeti
2)Michael Mcdonald
3)ike Barinholtz

Best Looking Female
1)Arden Myrin
2)Daniele Gaither
3)Nicole Randall Johnson

Worst Castmember
1)Bobby Lee
2)Ike Barinholtz
3)Arden Myrin


Best Recurring Character (Male)
1)Keegan-Michael Key - Coach Hines
2)Frank Caeti - Joey
3)Jordan Peele - Noodles

Best Recurring Character (Female)
1)Nicole Randall Johnson - Ka-Son
2)Stephnie Weir - Muriel Westig (Silver Fox)
3)Stephnie Weir - Dot Goddard

Best New Character(s)
1)Baby Joey
2)The Hype Jingleberries

Best Recurring Character Sketch
1)1119 Baby's First Playdate
2)1103 Angela: Sexually Active 8th Graders
3)1108 Sesame Street: Bird Flu

Best Male Impression
1)Nicole Randall Johnson - Randy Jackson
2)Frank Caeti - Jimmy Johnson
3)Nicole Parker - James Blunt

Best Female Impression
1)Nicole Randall Johnson - Queen Latifah
2)Stephnie Weir - Barbara Walters
3)Nicole Parker - Stacy "Fergie" Fergusson


Best Guest Star
1)1110 - Michael Rapaport
2)1109 - Neil Patrick Harris
3)1117 - John Leguizamo

Best Musical Guest (Pre-determined)
1)1101 - OKGo
2)1103 - The Dandy Warhols
3)1115 - Jason Mraz

Best Performance By Guest Star or Musical Guest
1)1101 OKGo perform "A Million Ways"
2)1121 Kurt Busch in "Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar"
3)1117 John Leguizamo in "HNL: Ice Age II Cast"


Best Episode

Worst Episode


Best TV Show Parody
1)1108 Sesame Street: Bird Flu
2)1119 Medium
3)1102 The View

Best Commercial Parody
1)1104 iPad
2)1102 Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids
3)[*]Best Movie Parody
1)1113 Last Holiday
2)1101 March of the Animals In Morgan Freeman's Back Yard (March Of The Penguins)
3)1103 The Return of the Rolling Stones (Return of the Living Dead)

Best Music Video Parody
1)1103 Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard"
2)1108 Black Eyed Peas featuring George W. Bush "My Slump"
3)1115 James Blunt "Beautiful"


Best Encore
1)1121 Stuart Meets His Father (#823)
2)1115 Memoirs Of A Geisha (#1109)
3)1114 Carolla & Kimmel On Ice (#716)

Best Writing By A Castmember
1)Michael McDonald - 1101 Hate Mail
2)Frank Caeti - 1105 Curt Jones Buick Autoplex
3)Stephnie Weir - 1003 Angela: 8th Grade Sex Survey

Best Political-Themed Sketch
1)1110 Lincoln
2)1113 My Name Is Dubya
3)1121 Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Tapped Out

Best One-off Sketch
1)1122 The Three Minute Meal
2)1105 Kurt Jones' Buick Autoplex
3)1119 Flashlights

Best Non-Conventional Sketch
1)1112 Jordan's Driving Lesson
2)1121 Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar
3)1122 MADtv Wrap Party Preparation

Best Red Carpet Segment
1)1102 57th Annual Emmy Awards (Bobby & Nicole)
2)1101 Premiere Party - 2005 Teen Choice Awards (Ike & Bobby)
3)1111 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards (Ike & Bobby)

Best Show Open
1)1114 Open: Blacks Take Over
2)1117 Open: Michael's Adopted Baby Beth
3)1105 Open: Ike's Hot Grandma

Best Show Close
1)1118 Close: Cast Goodnights
2)1101 Close: Stephnie & Cast
3)1110 Close: Laguna Biotch

Best Sketch (Open Category)
1)1110 laguna Biotch
2)1101 Fuddermuckers
3)1122 Three Minute Meal

Worst Sketch (Open Category)
1)1111 Cragg Black Friends
2)1102 Wedding Crashers
3)1110 Cragg Make A Wish