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well, I'm going on the assumption that u guys aren't clay fans.
I've actaully been within a few inches of him, about a month ago at a concert (my second) and throughout the concert he'll stop and talk to the audience. Just me, but I highly doubt he is. It's hard to explain if you don't keep up with everything he does and don't watch him on TV all the time or read all the interviews as I used to.
Needless to say, give it up. I don't care one way or the other.
Ron plays Clay as gay b/c it makes it fun. Clay has some VERY afeminate qualities and Ron's just playing up on them. That doesn't bother me on bit. If you can't laugh at ur own faults then who can u laugh at right?

I loved how he said somewhere he wants to have clay in a dress by the end of the season! lol!!!


Quotes of the Moment:

Mr. Brightling to Ron:
"You pasty face, 4 eyes, stripped-shirt, spiky-haired, modern, fem-metrosexual MALE!!"
Wow, how'd he know??
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