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Default Angela: Camping (#627)

Angela- Stephnie Weir
Mr. Russel- Will Sasso
Mrs. Russel- ???

(in a camping ground)

(Angela walks out of tent to see Mr. Russel)

Mr. Russel: Hey Angela. Everything okay?

Angela: Yeah. Oh Yeah. I'm havin' a blast.

Mr. Russel: Good.

Angela: (sits dowm) Mr. Russel, I just, I wanted to say thanks for, um, bringing me along in family's vacation.

Mr. Russel: Oh, what? Are you kidding? That's sweet? We're happy to have you. Myself and Mrs. Russel, you know. We consider you part of the family. You're Stacy's best friend.

Angela: Really? Well, okay. Good night. (stands up and is about to go back into tent)

Mr. Russel: Alright. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Hehehe.

Angela: Mr. Russel?

Mr. Russel: Hmmm?

Angela: Do you feel how strong the sexual tention is between us?

Mr. Russel: (confused) What?

Angela: We've been-- (sits down next to Mr. Russel) We've been flirting with each other and just- dancing around the suject all weekend.

Mr. Russel: Okay. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Angela: Um, I'm I'm. I'm just afraid we're so obvious. Somebody's gonna notice.

Mr. Russel: Okay, I don't know what to say here.

Angela: No, gosh. I don't know what to say. I never-- I didn't come here to wreck a family. (evil grin)

Mr. Russel: Okay, Alright. Angela, Angela. Angela, listen. I'm- I'm sorry, okay? If I've done anything to mislead you, at all. But, I just wanna tell you that I don't feel that way about you, okay? At all. All right?

Angela: Oh. Sorry.

Mr. Russel: Oh, that's alright.

Angela: Good night.

Mr. Russel: Alright.

(Angela gets up walks past the tent)

Mr. Russel: (gets up) Alright, Angela. I'm- Angela? (walks over to Angela) Angela?

Angela: Yeah?

Mr. Russel: You okay?

Angela: Yeah. I'm just- I'm so suprised. I really thought we connected. Is there any chance you're lying 'cause you're ashamed of yourself 'cause you have passionate feelings for an 8th grader?

Mr. Russel: Oh, c'mon. That's- Angela, that's aweful! No, of course not. No. (walks back over to chairs)

Angela: (follows and sits down next) I just, I don't understand because... Like today-- Like today, when I was- Whenever I was swimmin', I was in my bathing suit and you couldn't take your eyes off me.

Mr. Russel: You had a hole in one of your floaties. You don't swim very well. I was worried. That's why I was lookin' at you.

Angela: Oh. Even when- Even when I wasn't in the water, you sat there with your sunglasses on, you were like mezerized by me.

Mr. Russel: No.

Angela: Staring at me. Every time I looked at you, you were like lookin' at me.

Mr. Russel: No. Angela, you know what? I'm- I'm sure it just probably looked like I was, okay?

Angela: No! I'm sure.

Mr. Russel: No, I- Okay? Fine. You want me to prove it to you? Okay? Here, look. (puts on sunglasses and faces Angela) Does it look like I'm lookin' at you now?

Angela: Yes!

Mr. Russel: (lifts sunglasses and is looking upward) Nope, not lookin' at you. See that? Huh? (puts sunglasses back on and moves in close to Angela) How 'bout now? Does it look like I'm lookin' at you now?

Angela: Yes, oh yes. Now--

Mr. Russel: (lifts up sunglasses and is looking down) Couldn't be lookin' at you less. See that? (lifts glasses up and down several times and is still looking down) Couldn't be lookin' at you less. See? (puts glasses away) I'm sorry.

Angela: (sad) It's okay. I knew this was too good to be true 'cause this thing only happens to really pretty girls in movies.

Mr. Russel: Oh, no it does- Angela, c'mon. Angela, you're a very beautiful young lady.

Angela: Really?

Mr. Russel: Someone else. Yes, to someone else, you are.

Angela: (sad) Someone else? Okay... I guess I'll just go to sleep. (walks to tent)

Mr. Russel: Okay. That's what you should do. Alright. Go to sleep. Sweet dreams.

Angela: (turns around) How did you know that?

Mr. Russel: What? What now? What?

Angela: Oh my god. Sweet Dreams. That is my favorite movie. It's the Patsy Klein's story starring Clastsa Kalania. I've seen it 32 times. I think that it's incredible that you would know that.

Mr. Russel: Okay. I really don't think it's a really good idea to read into that. I was just saying good night.

Angela: (sits back down) Mr. Russel. I know in my heart we were meant to be together and I think you know it too. I think on the count of 3 we should say our favorite TV show.

Mr. Russel: Shhh Shhh Shhh. Okay, Angela. Listen, I am not going to entertain any more of this foolishness.

Angela: I just- I need you to. Don't you see you're a coward.

Mr. Russel: I am not. I am not. Okay, fine, fine, fine. 1...2...3

Angela + Mr. Russel: Barney Miller.

Mr. Russel: Okay, okay. No, no, no. Wait, wait. Listen, I was just making that up. You're way too young to know that show. I was just guessing.

Angela: No. Okay, you can not tell me you didn't just feel whole.

Mr. Russel: Okay. That's (stands up and walks behind chair) What you are suggesting is unconscionable and completely irrational, alright? You are not in love with me, okay? You are not in love. What you're feeling in a young girl crush, okay? And it will past.

Angela: I don't think--

Mr. Russel: It may not feel likt that right now, but I promise you, we are not soulmates. Do you understand?

Angela: (bummed out) Yes, sir...

Mr. Russel: Okay. (sits back down) Angela, I don't wanna hear anymore on this subject, alright?

Angela: 'Kay. All right...

Mr. Russel: All right.

Angela: (stands up) Good night.

Mr. Russel: Good night.

Angela: (walks to tent) What's your favorite smell? 1, 2, 3.

Angela + Mr. Russel: Fuchsia Blossoms.

Mr. Russel: Ahhh! Good night!

Angela: You like Fuchsia Blossoms! Don't you see we're meant to be together?

Mr. Russel: Shh! Won't you be quiet?

Mrs. Russel: (in tent) Good night, Angela!

Angela: Good night, Mrs. Russel! (goes in tent)

Mr. Russel: Thanks, Hun!


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