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Originally posted by DaNiKsTa48
Hey everyone, I've been gone for like..a long time.. so can someone tell me where the ballots are? I cannot seem to find them. Then again, it is really late.
As of now this is what i have...
Originally posted by ef_7

Criteria: Vote for the castmember who consistently outstood everybody else this season
- Ike Barinholtz
- Frank Caliendo
- Keegan-Michael Key
- Bobby Lee
- Michael McDonald
- Josh Meyers
- Ron Pederson
- Jordan Peele
- Aries Spears
- Paul Vogt

Criteria: Vote for the castmember who consistently outstood everybody else this season
- Mo Collins
- Danielle Gaither
- Nicole Parker
- Melissa Paull
- Gillian Vigman
- Stephnie Weir

Criteria: Vote for the featured player who consistently outstood the other featured players this season
- Danielle Gaither
- Keegan-Michael Key
- Nicole Parker
- Melissa Paull
- Jordan Peele
- Gillian Vigman

Criteria: Vote for the castmember who has improved the most over the course of the season
- Ike Barinholtz
- Frank Caliendo
- Mo Collins
- Danielle Gaither
- Keegan-Michael Key
- Bobby Lee
- Michael McDonald
- Josh Meyers
- Nicole Parker
- Melissa Paull
- Ron Pederson
- Jordan Peele
- Aries Spears
- Gillian Vigman
- Paul Vogt
- Stephnie Weir

Criteria: Vote for the recurring character which is the most outstanding and original
Ike Barinhholtz- Roy Shank (Feuding Parents)
Ike Barinhholtz- Dutch (Abercrombie)
Bobby Lee- Bae Sung
Bobby Lee- Haideke
Keegan-Michael Key- Dr. Funkenstein
Michael McDonald- Stuart Larkin
Michael McDonald- Marvin Tikvah
Michael McDonald- Mofaz (Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man)
Michael McDonald- Clyde (Literally)
Michael McDonald- Ronald Goddard (Dot)
Michael McDonald- Sean (Sean the Floor Leader)
Michael McDonald- Patrick (Special Patrick)
Michael McDonald- Dominic (Dominic the Giant)
Michael McDonald- Bible Dude
Josh Meyers- Spishak Spokesman
Josh Meyers- Billy (Angela)
Josh Meyers- Storm (Abercrombie)
Josh Meyers- Brian (Sean the Floorleader)
Josh Meyers- Gert
Ron Pederson- Clifford Busley (7am Condo Report)
Ron Pederson- Grandpa Finkel (Feuding Parents)
Ron Pederson- Carpenter (Abercrombie)
Jordan Peele- Funkenstein
Aries Spears- Dollar Bill Montgomery (Real M************ Talk)
Paul Vogt- Nurse (7am Condo Report)
Paul Vogt- Dale Briskett (Lillian Verner Game Show)

Criteria: Vote for the recurring character which is the most outstanding and original
Mo Collins- Lorraine
Mo Collins- Trina
Mo Collins- Doreen Larkin (Stuart)
Mo Collins- Cathy Shank (Feuding Parents)
Mo Collins- Wesley Goddard (Dot)
Mo Collins- Tobey (Sorority Row)
Mo Collins- Agnes Pemonte (7am Condo Report)
Danielle Gaither- Jelly Mae Jackson
Paul Vogt- Natalie (Angela)
Stephnie Weir- Dot
Stephnie Weir- Dr. Kylie
Stephnie Weir- Mrs. Campbell
Stephnie Weir- Dorothy Lanier (Drama Queen)
Stephnie Weir- Angela
Stephnie Weir- Mackenzie (Sorority Row)
Stephnie Weir- Lili Hubsher (Werewolf)
Stephnie Weir- Kat (QVC)
Stephnie Weir- Muriel Westig (7am Condo Report)

Criteria: Vote for the impression which is the most humourous and accurate
Ike Barinholtz- George Michael
Frank Caliendo- John Madden (Football Announcer)
Frank Caliendo- Al Michaels (Football Announcer)
Frank Caliendo- Rod Roddy (Price Is Right)
Frank Caliendo- Kelsey Grammar (Frasier)
Frank Caliendo- Jay Leno (Tonight Show Host)
Frank Caliendo- Jack Nicholson (Actor)
Frank Caliendo- Ray Romano (*Lesbian Cousin of* Comedian Ray Romano)
Frank Caliendo- Andy Rooney (60 Minutes)
Bobby Lee- Jackie Chan (Action Star)
Bobby Lee- Kim Jong-Il (Korean Leader)
Michael McDonald- Bill O’Reilly (O’Reilly Factor TV Host)
Michael McDonald- Dr. Phil (Talk Show Host)
Michael McDonald- Bob Barker (Price Is Right)
Michael McDonald- Gray Davis (Former Governor of California)
Michael McDonald- Brad Garret (Actor/Comedian)
Josh Meyers- James Getzlaff (Boy Meets Boy Contestant)
Ron Pederson- Woody Allen (Actor/Writer)
Ron Pederson- Clay Aiken (American Idol S2 Runner Up)
Jordan Peele- Morgan Freeman (Actor)
Jordan Peele- Ja Rule (Rapper)
Jordan Peele- Justin Guarini (American Idol S1 Runner Up)
Aries Spears- Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
Aries Spears- Michael Jackson (Singer)
Aries Spears- Bill Cosby (Comedian/Actor)
Aries Spears- Sisqo (Singer)
Aries Spears- Shaquille O’Neil (Athlete)
Aries Spears- Mike Tyson (Athlete)
Aries Spears- Wayne Brady (Comedian/Talk Show Host)
Aries Spears- Kevin Eubanks (Musician *Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno*)
Aries Spears- Jesus (Religious Figure)
Aries Spears- 50 Cent (Rapper)
Aries Spears- P Diddy (Rapper)
Aries Spears- Al Roker (Early Show Host)
Aries Spears- LL Cool J *voice only* (Rapper)
Aries Spears- JayZ *voice only*
Aries Spears- Oscar De La Hoya
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