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Originally posted by MJB12
I don't think Michael's Clyde should be posted because there was only one Literally sketch, it was a recurring sketch until Nicole Sullivan left. But that's IMO.
Clyde was recurring in previous seasons, and was brought back in #906... therefore he is eligible.

Originally posted by MJB12
I hope we'll be able to choose more than one for some categories, because it's hard to pick just one for some of the categories (like recurring characters and impressions). Wow, picking between Nicole Parker and Daniele Gaither for the featured category might be tough for me.
Sorry... to insure accuracy, only one vote for each category
Originally posted by Jim_Cockhurtz
Hey, the banner looks great at the top of the page
Thanks to blackwind for putting it up for me... Do you like the "What Me Vote?" part? hehe
Originally posted by d_dumgirl

Is it just me or does it seem like all the pretty women on the show always have the guys having her as there absolute favorite? example: Nicole Sullivan - hot blonde. Everyone who has an avater of her are guys.
My point: Don't vote for someone just because they are good looking, ppl!
( i am not saying you are, just a reminder to make sure)
I have an idea... how about two new categories: Best Looking Male and Best Looking Female
Originally posted by MJB12
Also, ef, you could add 'Brad Garrett' as one of Mike's impressions (from the Lesbian Cousin sketch).
Right... thanks for the help



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