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Originally posted by Jim_Cockhurtz
Well I think I figured it out! These are all characteristics that make for a great Survivor! He's on the wrong show! I don't hate Ike, he just doesn't make me laugh. I don't want him to leave- unless him staying is standing in the way of say, Keegan, or Melissa staying- then I would would rather he left. He just doesn't add anything new to the cast dynamics in terms of talent. No offense because I know you like him
Hey, I don't really care. I dont like him for his talent anyway (shallow, yes, but truthful, and isn't that a better quality anyway?)
He does make me laugh, but he is sophmoric, I would hate to see him go, but not because I think he's an asset to the show, just because I have a school girl crush on him. BUt school girl crushes are what funds most of the entertainment business, so there's no shame in that.
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