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Post Ike Barinholtz

Full Name: Isaac "Ike" Barinholtz [news]
Date of Birth: February 18th, 1977
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Height / Weight: 6'2" / <unknown>
Seasons on MADtv: 8 - 12 (2002 - 2007)

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When Ike Barinholtz's brother, Jon, was asked how weird it is to have a brother who is both a star and a heartthrob, his response was typical of any other weary sibling's: "It all just got tiresome--hearing how famous my brother had become just made me feel like my accomplishments were being overshadowed." Jon, an aspiring actor himself, had good reason to feel this way; after all, Ike Barinholtz was a "MADtv" cast member for five seasons. Also, poor Jon had to endure numerous "Ike" chants at parties, not to mention the constant onslaught of "Ike freaks" who would constantly bombard him with praise for his famous brother. Still, that fame and attention from obsessed female fans did not come overnight for Ike. Through years of hard work and training, Ike had to hone his talent like any other comedic perfomer who covets that elusive showbiz break. Good looks may have helped Ike to some degree; but by the time he arrived at "MADtv," he was much more than a handsome face--he was a seasoned improv performer, ready to take the comedy world by storm.

Ike had the good fortune to grow up in Chicago, IL, which he describes as a "real person's city." As a child, he attended the Latin School of Chicago, an independent educational institution located on Chicago's Near North Side. After graduation, Ike decided to take advantage of the various improv comedy opportunities available to him in his hometown. He trained with several legendary groups: Second City; the Annoyance Theater; Schadenfreude; ImprovOlympic; and an iO offshoot, the Lindbergh Babies. Ike says that one of the most valuable lessons he learned in Chicago is that real-life situations tend to be the funniest: "People laugh at things they can identify with." Still, even though he loved the camaraderie he felt among his fellow performers, the Chicago native eventually decided to pursue another time-tested route for aspiring comedians.

After bidding a heartfelt farewell to his hometown, Ike moved to Amsterdam, Holland, to sharpen his improv skills with the celebrated comedy troupe Boom Chicago. During his two years in Amsterdam, he met three fellow budding comedians who would also later find success on "MADtv": Nicole Parker, Jordan Peele, and Josh Meyers. Of the three, Josh would factor most heavily into Ike's immediate comedy future. After leaving Boom Chicago, the two young performers moved to Los Angeles, CA. Ike accepted a small role in the 2001 thriller Down, but the brief film appearance was merely a detour on the road to bigger things. With his good friend Josh, he staged a two-man comedy show, which ultimately caught the eyes of "MADtv" producers. The two men passed their audition for the sketch comedy series, becoming featured players at the start of Season Eight. Although Josh left "MADtv" after Season Nine, Ike soldiered on for three more seasons.

For Ike, the best parts of the "MADtv" gig were a cast who kept him laughing constantly and the numerous opportunities to poke fun at "stupid people who think they're hot stuff." At home, he often came up with sketch ideas while watching the E! cable network and bad reality television; at work, the supreme payoff was getting to parody the "stupid people" he watched. Thus, Ike's working relationship with the "MADtv" writers and producers couldn't have been more ideal: "They not only encourage you to be that way, but they pay you for it." In short, the heartthrob had made the big time and was enjoying every minute of it.

Unfortunately for Ike, the fun would not last: after five seasons on "MADtv," he was released from his contract. Meanwhile, his brother, Jon, has found his own niche in comedic improv, frequently collaborating with Rob Belushi (Jim's son, John's nephew). Although Jon is quick to note that his own showbiz career actually began long before Ike's, he also admits (in a jokingly backhanded manner) that his brother's "MADtv" success, as well as the ensuing crazed reception from "Ike freaks," actually encouraged him to make his own serious bid for fame. Whether Jon will ever attain Ike's level of fame and thereby garner his own coterie of "Jon freaks" remains to be seen. Nevertheless, one thing remains certain: as Ike pursues various post-"MADtv" entertainment endeavors, he can rest assured that a friendly sibling rivalry persists to this day. So far, Ike appears to have quite a head start in the race.

Where are they now?
As of July 2009, Ike is still doing comedy. In 2009, he had his first starring role in the comedy Lock and Roll Forever. He will also be in a new Kevin Spacey film, set to open later this month. Later this year, he will also be appearing in the films How to Make Love to a Woman, and Inventing Adam with former MADtv cast member, and friend Josh Meyers.

Television - Starring Roles:
  • <none at this time>
Television - Guest Roles:Film - Starring Roles:Film - Supporting Roles:Other Credits:
  • Improv show: Messing with Ike
Fun Facts:
  • Ike has performed with the Improv Olympic, Annoyance Theatre, Boom Chicago, and Second City
  • Ike was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois
  • Ike first started his career as a busboy in L.A
  • Ike did a 'Worst of Boom Night' during a 10-year anniversary of the improv troupe Boom Chicago, where they performed their worst material from previous shows
  • Ike is the son of Alan Barinholtz.
  • Ike had originally planned on becoming a politician, but decided to be a comedian.
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