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Default Holiday Sketches


109 Easy To Assemble (David- Husband, Mary- Wife)
109 Open: Jesus' Birthday Party #1-2 (Phil- himself, Nicole- herself, Debra- herself, David- himself, Bryan- himself, Mary- herself, Orlando- himself)
109 Vancome Lady-Dept. Store Santa (Nicole- Kathy Wajanowski: Vancome Lady, Phil, Mary)
109 Fruitcake Vs Santa (Orlando- himself)
109 Raging Rudolph
109 The X-mas That Santa Forgot (Bryan- Tommy, David- Santa, Nicole)
109 Monologue: Pauly Shore (Pauly Shore- himself)
209 Open: Harry Connick Jr. (Harry Connick Jr.- Reverend Doctor Michael Cassidy, Orlando- Reverend LaMont Nixon Fatback)
209 The Greatest Action Story Ever Told (Bryan- Arnold Schwarzenegger, David- Jesus, Phil)
209 Cabana Chat: (Mary- Dixie Wetsworth, Orlando- Dextor St. Croix, Bryan- Pool Boy, Harry Connick Jr.-Lily Bonsadrane)
209 The Reinfather
209 Harry Connick Jr. Song--"Must Have Been Old Santa Claus"
209 Vancome Lady Christmas Pageant (Nicole- Kathy Wajanowski: Vancome Lady, David- Frank, Orlando, Phil, Debra)
209 Granny's Liver (Harry Connick Jr.- Todd, Nicole, Mary)
310 UBS Xmas Party (Chris-Mr. Bob Henderson, Phil-UBS Guy: Jaq, Debra-Mrs. Parish)
311 Wraparound #1-7 (Alex- Herself/Lisa's Mom, Chris- Himself, Pat- Himself/Husband, Lisa- Herself/Pregnant Wife, Phil- Himself, Will- Himself/Larry Flynt, Mary- Herself, Aries- Himself/James Brown Jr., Nicole- Herself, Debra- Himself)
311 Spishak: Limbo (Chris- Leonard Cray)
311 A Pack of Gifts Now
311 G.I. Junkie/G.I. Janitor
311 Juice Pigs: Xmas Dreams
311 Klumps Xmas (Aries- The Klumps, Pat- Arnold Schwarzenegger)
311 Mexican Wrestling Theater Present Miracle On 34th St. (Phil- Announcer, Will- Senor Bag of Crap, Aries- El Diablo Negro, Chris- El Asso Wipo)
311 Antonia: Xmas (Nicole- Antonia, Phil- Santa, Alex- Elf)
311 Hannukah (Lisa, Alex)
411 Yule Blazers (Andrew, Mo, Nicole, Pat- Spishak Spokesman)
411 A Very Rusty Christmas #1-3 (Michael- Rusty, Debra, Phil, Nicole)
411 Swan: Sharpest Image (Mo, Andrew, Alex- Ms. Swan)
411 Paul Timberman's Workshop: Christmas Tree (Will- Paul Timberman)
411 Stuart Christmas (Debra, Mo- Doreen, Michael- Stuart, Will)
411 Storytime With Mr. Sasso: Christmas (Will- Old Man Sasso)
411 I Know What You Did Last Christmas
411 A Vancome Carol (Michael- Adam Sandler, Nicole- Vancome Lady)
411 A Very Magic Kwanzaa Special (Aries- Magic Johnson, Debra- Sheila E., Phil- Tommy Davidson, Pat- Al Gore)
511 I Saw Santa Claus (Alex-Evan, Will-Santa Claus, Aries-Pete)
511 Rooftop Memories (Paty-Fran, Will, Nicole-Mildred)
511 Darlene McBride's X-mas Album (Nicole-Darlene McBride)
511 Stuart X-mas with Deborah Harry (Deborah Harry, Mo-Doreen Larkin, Michael-Stuart Larkin)
610 More Oscar Gold for Randy (Will- Randy Newman, Mo- Madonna)
610 Alex's Wish (Alex, Mo, Will, Michael, Christian, Nelson)
610 Night Before Dolemite #1-2 (Aries- Dolemite Jr., Mo- Nympho, Debra- Coco Latite, Will- Sheriff, Nelson- Deputy Rodriguez)
611 Funky Xmas Story (Aries- James Brown Jr., Michael- Santa)
610 How The Grinch Stole Christ (Alex)
710 Santa's Elves (Alex, Stephnie, Michael, Mo)
710 Holiday Greetings - Kenny Rogers (Will- Kenny Rogers, Frank- Benny Rogers)
710 Trina's Christmas Miracle #1-2 (Andrew, Mo- Mary Trina Paul Moss, Aries- Big Ol' Joe)
710 Destiny's Child - Message to the Troops (Debra- Beyoncé Knowles)
710 One Christmas Morning (Michael, Mo)
710 VH1 My Music Awards (Alex, Will; Jewel, Heather Locklear, Benjamin Bratt, Jill Hennessy, Steven Cojocaru, Kelsey Grammer, Sting, Michael Michele, Chris Isaak, Tommy Lee)
710 MC Hammer - Message to the Troops (Aries- MC Hammer)
710 Kingsford Family Christmas (Andrew- Frank Kingsford, Alex- Alison Kingsford, Stephnie- Suzie Kingsford, Mo- Grandma Kingsford)
810 Epstein Brothers Christmas Tree Patch Commercial (Paul- Barney Epstein, Simon- Ira Epstein)
810 Primetime Interview with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (Mo- Dianne Sawyer, Debra- Whitney Houston, Aries- Bobby Brown, Paul- Homeowner)
810 How Winona Stole Christmas
810 Ruthy: Elf (Stephnie- Ruthy; Paul, Debra, Mo)
810 Seeing Santa #1-2 (Michael- Santa, Stephnie- April)
810 Lorraine: Holiday Shopping (Mo- Lorraine)
810 Bible Dude: Greed During Christmas (Michael- Bible Dude, Mo & Frank- Mom & Dad, Stephnie- Leah, Frank- Caleb, Aries- Jesus; Debra)
810 Politically Correct Office Holidays (Michael- Boss, Simon- Ronald Dunlap; Mo, Stephnie and Paul)
911 An Elizabeth Smart Christmas (Nicole- Elizabeth Smart, Michael- Ed Smart, Stephnie- Lois Smart, Mo- Diane Sawyer, Frank- Tom Brokaw, Jordan- Ed Bradley, Melissa- Jessica Lynch)
911 The Powerslut Girls: Miracle On 34th Calories!
911 Bowling For Christmas (Paul- Michael Moore, Michael, Stephnie; Ike- Santa, Mo- Barbara Bush)
911 A Happy Channukah from Woody Allen and Soon-Yi (Ron- Woody Allen, Bobby- Soon-Yi)
911 Suge Night's Court Ordered Holiday Album (Aries- Suge Night, Jordan- Ja Rule, Daniele- Lil' Kim, Josh- Eminem)
911 Happy Holidays From Renee Zellweger (Nicole- Renee Zellweger)
911 A Marvin Tikvah Christmas (Daniele- Mrs. Reynolds, Melissa; Michael- Marvin Tikvah)
911 Feuding Parents: Christmas (Ron- Grandpa Finkel, Stephnie- Kelly, Paul- Jack Milse, Melissa- Janie Milse, Ike- Roy, Mo- Cathy)
1009 The Fantanas!: Holiday Flavors Daniele- Capri, Stephnie- Lola, Nicole- Kiki, Paul- 2 Litre Beth)
1009 Celebrity Quarters: Holiday Edition (Frank- William Shatner, Ike- bartender: Nick Nolte, Ron- host: Dave Foley; players: Nicole- Renee Zellweger, Paul- Richard Simmons, Aries- Ron Artest, Bobby- William Hung, Stephnie- Anna Nicole Smith)
1009 Outtro: Aries
1009 Abercrombie & Fitch: All-White Christmas (Ike- Dutch, Ron- Carpenter, Michael- Cougar, Nicole, Stephnie, Jordan- Stingray, Aries- Midnight, Keegan- Panther, Bobby)
1009 Shaq and the Former Super Lakers: Big Christmas Game
1009 Real M************ Talk: Holiday Show (Aries- Dollar Bill Montgomery, Jordan- Larvelle DuPree, Keegan- Rollo Johnson, Michael- Francis Michael McKrovsky)
1009 Holly and the Mistletoe Tappers (Ron- Nicholas, Nicole- Holly, Jordan- Jesus, Paul- Rudolf, Stephnie, Ike)
1009 Outtro: Holly and the Mistletoe Tappers (Ike, Stephnie)
1109 QVC: Quacker Factory (Nicole- Jeanne Bice, Crista- Christy, Nicole RJ- Suzanne, Daniele, Ike)
1109 Stuart Meets Santa (Michael- Stuart, Crista, Nicole RJ, Jordan, Frank Caeti- Santa)
1109 Inside Looking Out: Kwanzmas Carols (Nicole P- Pat-Beth Lamontrose, Jordan- Dantel Lamontrose)
1109 Jazzed for Crafts: Rodeo (Arden- Kendra, Crista- Denise, Frank Caliendo- Cheyenne, Frank Caeti- Roland)
1109 The Silver Fox: Holiday Show (Michael- Isadore Kruskal, Ike- Duncan, Nicole RJ, Arden, Nicole P, Jordan)
1109 Close: Ike & Cast (Ike, Frank, Crista, Daniele, Keegan, Bobby, Michael, Arden, Nicole, Jordan, Stephnie)
1209 Secret Santa #1-3 (Michael, Bobby, Ike, Arden, Frank, Keegan, Nicole Parker, Crista, Jordan, Nicole Randall Johnson)
1209 Holiday Sex Party (Bobby, Ike, Nicole Parker, Michael- Anthony, Arden, Frank- John, Keegan)
1209 President Bush Requests Santa's Help
1209 Saw 4: Jingle Hell (Michael- Jeffery, Bobby- Raymond, Keegan, Arden- Darrah, Frank Caeti- Cal)
1209 Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular #1-2 (Michael- Maury Povich/Himself, Bobby- Constance "Connie Chung" Povich/Himself, Nicole Parker- Joy Behar/Herself)
1209 Tori McLachlan Performs "Merry Xmas" (Arden, Nicole Parker- Tori McLachlan)
1209 Frosty the Snowman
1209 Luann Lockhart: Christmas Luann (Ike- Himself, Crista- Luann Lockhart)
1409 MADtv: Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular (Bobby- Constence "Connie" Chung, Keegan- Barack Obama)


406 Open: Vancome/KISS (Nicole- Kathy Wajanowski: Vancome Lady, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer)
406 Swan Halloween (Mo, Alex- Ms. Swan)
406 Mad-O-Ween #1-5 (Alex- Natalie Merchant/Bjork, Phil- Puff Daddy/Michael Jackson, Aries- Himself/Mase, Debra- herself/Scary Spice, Will- Kenny Rogers, Robert Englund, Pat- Marilyn Manson)
406 Stuart Halloween (Debra, Mo- Doreen, Michael- Stuart, Nicole- Antonia)
406 KISS Vs. Michael Jackson (Phil- Michael Jackson, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer)
406 Li'l Nestor
406 Close: Michael & Cast (Alex, Andrew, Mo, Pat, Phil, Michael, Will, Aries, Nicole, Debra)
506 Show Open-Mickey (Michael- Mickey, Alex-herself)
506 Vancome Halloween (Nicole- Kathy Wajanowski, Alex, Mo, Aries, Michael- James)
506 Hoppy Potty Video (Nicole-Inga, Michael-Yarl, Mo-Elka, Will-Gunter, Pat- Schtein)
604 Halloween #1-5 (Mo- Cher, Nelson- Enrique, Debra- Macy Gray, Alex- Janeane Garofalo, Dannah- Angelina Jolie)
604 Penny Marshall's The Exorcist (Mo- Penny Marshall, Alex- Rosie O'Donnel, Will- Arnold Swartzineggar)
804 It's the Bigass Pumpkin Chucky Brown


310 Suppositurkey (Aries, Debra)
409 Open: Stuart & Mom (Michael- Stuart, Mo- Doreen)
409 Jaq: Thanksgiving Monologue #1-4 (Phil- UBS Guy: Jaq, Nicole- Lida, Debra- Melina, Alex- Ms. Swan, Mo- Sally Kowalski)
409 Cooking With Kenny & James (Will- Kenny Rogers, Aries- James Brown, Debra, Pat)
409 Thanksgiving Stuffing (Nicole, Michael, Phil, Debra)
409 Stuart's Thanksgiving (Mo- Doreen, Nicole, Michael- Stuart)
409 Darlene McBride's Thanksgiving Album (Nicole- Darlene McBride)
409 Happy Thanksgiving Misadventure (Mo, Michael, Aries, Debra)
409 Close: Will & Cast (Alex, Andrew, Mo, Pat, Phil, Michael, Will, Aries, Nicole Debra)
509 Thanksgiving And The Heater's Broke (Nicole- Mimi, Debra- Tanya, Michael- Mr. Harry O'Malley, Mo- Mrs. O'Malley)
607 Trina's Thanksgiving (Aries- Brian, Debra- Mindy, Stephnie- Kim, Nelson- Jim, Mo- Trina)
607 Birth Control Pilgrim (Nelson, Dannah, Will- Birth Control Pilgrim, Andrew, Christian, Michael)
807 7th Heaven Thanksgiving w/ The Osbournes (Michael- Stephen Collins: Reverend Eric Camden, Mo- Catherine Hicks: Annie Camden, Ike- David Gallagher: Simon Camden, Stephnie- Beverly Mitchell: Lucy Camden-Kinkirk, Simon- Mackenzie Rosman: Ruthie Camden, Josh- Adam LaVorgna: Robbie Palmer Jack Osbourne- Himself, Kelly Osbourne- Herself)
908 Feuding Parents: Thanksgiving Dinner (Ike- Roy Shank, Josh- Steve, Stephnie- Kelly Shank, Mo- Cathy Shank, Ron- Grandpa Finkel)
908 Entertainment Tonight: Kathy Griffin's D-List Celebrity Thanksgiving Special (Mo- Mary Hart, Kathy Griffin- Herself, Aries- Coolio, Ike- Chris Judd, Michael- David Hasselhoff, Josh- John Tesh, Jordan- Justin Guarini)
1006 Real M************ Talk: Thanksgiving Special (Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins, Aries- Dollar Bill Montgomery, Bill Mahre- Himself)
1006 George Foreman Gobbler Grill (Frank- Jim Rome, Aries- George Foreman, Keegan- Gorge Foreman, Jordan- George Foreman, Bobby- George Foreman, Daniele- George Foreman)
1106 Dot's School Play "America's First Thanksgiving" (Daniele, Nicole Parker, Arden, Michael, Jordan, Bobby, Stephnie- Dot)
1106 Voyage of the Sailship Mayflower (Frank Caliendo- William Shatner)
1106 Holly Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting: Holiday Edition (Arden- Alana, Daniele- Mrs. Conkling, Jordan- Tyrone Conkling, Keegan- Chad Bascar, Nicole RJ- Janeane Bascar, Christopher Meloni- Kendrick "Kenny" Radish, Crista- Mary Lee Radish, Michael- Titus Balsis)
1206 Macy's 297th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (Jordan- Al Roker, Arden- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bobby- Kim Jong Il
1408 Eddie Thundercloud's Plight #1-2 (Crista- Herself, Arden- Herself, Keegan- Eddie Thundercloud)


316 Darlene McBride: Valentine's Album (Nicole-Darlene McBride)
416 Cooking for One (Nicole- Andrea)
416 Old Man Sasso-Valentine's Day (Will- Mr. Sasso)
615 Trina's Valentine (Mo- Trina, Aries, Nelson- Mr. O'Neil, Michael- Jim Cockhurts)
714 Stuart: Scary Valentine (Mo- Doreen, Stephnie- Ms. Craig, Michael- Stuart)
815 Happy V.D. Chucky Brown *Cartoon*
915 The Lillian Verner Game Show: Valentines #1-2 (Michael Hitchcock [MADtv writer]- Simian, Paul- Dale Brisket, Michael- Dominick Sandy, Daniele- Honey Desco, Stephnie- Gail Cinder)
1013 John Madden Valentine’s (Frank- John Madden, Bobby- Justin, Nicole)
1113 QVC Quacker Factory: Valetines Edition (Nicole P- Jeanne Bice, Crista, Daniele, Michael, Ike)
1113 Ka-Son: Valentines Day Cookies (Nicole RJ- Queshon, Ike)
1213 3 Minute Valentine (Crista- Wendy Walker)

St. Patrick's Day

419 Erascists: St. Patrick's Day (Michael, Andrew, Aries- Reggie, Will- Hugh, Alex- Anne, Nicole- Debbie)

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