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Default A Quick Timeline: Frank Caliendo

In 2001, a show called Hype aired on the Warner Bros. network. It lasted only 4 months, but with the cancellation of it, it set up the wheels of fate, as it would allow the undiscovered star of the show to find the show that would make him famous. The person I am talking about is Frank Caliendo, and that show is MADtv. A person who with impressions skills that could be considered above the rest. Frank who had already had connections with some MADtv producers was a perfect fit for MADtv. The beginning of Frank's tenure on MADtv would also be the beginning of his rise to fame, so this is a timeline that really shows Frank's first success in Hollywood, so let's get it started. Ladies and Gentlemen the Frank Caliendo timeline.

2001: A few months after the show Hype was cancelled (a show Frank was on) Frank was hired to MADtv without even needing to audition. He didn't even have to go through being a feature player, as he was given repertory status in his first year.

September 22, 2001: Frank appears in his first episode. His first sketch would be called Gutter, where he would play the announcer, and Al Pacino. Watch the sketch

Season 11 2005-2006: Due to episodes missed, it is hard to determine when, or if Frank passed 100 episodes, but it was most likely around this time.

May 20, 2006: Frank appears in his last episode on MADtv. Except for the closing his last sketch would be called Bae Sung on The Sopranos where he would play James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.

Life After MAD

By the time Frank left MADtv his star was already rising. With his role on Fox NFL Sunday and his many comedy shows around America that he had been doing during his tenure. His role on MADtv may have also helped him land his own sketch comedy show, as in 2007 Frank got his own show on the television network TBS called frankTV, where most of the time he plays all the characters. Frank has often been vocal that he did not like his time on MADtv, saying that it was too mean for his comedy style, and went to a younger demographic than what he was going for, but I think Frank knows that he wouldn't be as popular as he is now if it wasn't for those 5 seasons of MADtv on his back, and I truly believe that he is grateful for the opportunity he was given that really started his career, and will most likely be what he is most remembered for.


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