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Wow- I didn't expect people to agree with me. I actually thought I was going to be blasted for insulting the great Frank Caliendo, but it seems that most people share my opinion (that Caliendo was out of line to make those digs at MADtv.) I'm still expecting a current/former cast member to tell me that Frank is right about MADtv. I think it's irrelevant whether MADtv treated him badly; what Frank said was way out of line. I mean, he goes out of his way to call MADtv angry and imply that it was far more hurtful than his own show. Yet, FrankTV isn't exactly promoting celebrities either. Did you see the Bill Clinton sketch? Not something Clinton would be promoting. Anyways, I think that Caliendo should take far fewer digs against the show that got him where he is today.
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