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Ok Sparky and MOtastic here are the answers to the political questions you asked for.

"The war in Iraq is a great source for the pit in my stomach these days. I was against the U.S. going into Iraq under the pretence of finding W.O.M.D. It was and IS still my understanding that 9/11 was the work of Osama Binladen...not Saddam Hussein (although I find relief in knowing he no longer rules the country!) Now that we are there, and have sacrificed SO much...actually TOO much (on behalf of the U.S. and Iraq) it will be irresponsible of us to simply hand it back over to its people June 30. There is MUCH work to be done. Work that really we cannot accomplish for them. We are very different people! I'm appalled , as is the rest of the WORLD ,at the United States cruelty to individuals as well as our disregard for U.N. policies. Canada is looking better and better!!

Who am I going to vote for? I'll be voting for John Kerry, contingent upon whom he chooses for a running mate. Although the way things are going, I'd put Lorraine in there with Kerry and STILL vote for him!! Aside from the war...which is only just begun if ya ask me....I like his politics for here at home. God knows we are not a thriving country anymore. Schools are in dire need of fiscal help, and "No child left behind" DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! Our Health care is can't affotd to frown these days!! Tax breaks??? REALLY??? WHERE??????????

If I keep going on the topic...I'll have a heartattack....which my insurance may not cover!


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