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1. Britney Spears, as well as teen-pop stars in general

2. Michael Jackson (of course)

3. rap/hip-hop

4. TV court shows (esp. "The People's Court")

5. TV talk shows (esp. the late-night variety)

6. MTV/music videos in general

7. blaxploitation flicks of the '70s

8. TV crime dramas

9. infomercials

10. "COPS" (over...and over...and over...and over.......Oh, but we're not supposed to be complaining, though. )

11. "Survivor"

12. those cheesy, poorly made public awareness films (Ah, high art in its most elevated form! )

I realize that all of my answers are entertainment- or media-related in some way, but so much of what "MADtv" has parodied over the years seems to fall into that general category. Well, anyway, that's all I have right now; I'm just spent.

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