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Originally Posted by Zesty View Post
So you are saying that Nicole neither behaves like a Christian nor holds Christian beliefs just because she pecked a girl in a sketch? How am I going to get her to come on this site when fans question her personal morals?

I'm questioning Christian beliefs as a whole. The Bible specifically states that homosexuality is immoral and a sin, and its a sin to engage in that behaviour, so why would anyone who follows the bible or claims to, engage in that kind of behaviour. I guess in a way im questioning her beliefs but I'm questioning them as a gay woman who just doesn't understand how someone can hold beliefs stating that the way I was born is a sin, yet turn around and see nothing wrong with engaging in the same behaviour they claim is abhorrent, even if it is considered "acting". Granted what she does and what she believes in, doesn't matter one bit to me in the long run. I was just making a point that SOME people can be raised in a particular faith, and then decide to follow a different spiritual path when they get older.....that was my whole point.

Would you compromise your personal beliefs for your career emo?? Didn't think so.. I also NEVER said she would become a Lesbian simply by kissing a girl in a sketch (although one can only dream )

And this shouldn't keep Nicole from coming to this site, it should really open her eyes to a different way of thinking and my opinion on her morals shouldn't have any effect on her whatsoever. No one's opinion should matter in the bigger sense to her.

I would rather sit here and accomplish nothing than accomplish something and be considered an inspiration and a role model simply because I use a wheelchair to get around.
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