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DaNiKsTa48, who does Simon & Aries play: Patton Oswalt, Victor Williams or Gary Valentine?
Huh?? I don't watch the real show. hehe... if thats what you were askin about characters on the show. I think I might watch it though to catch Nicole! I had a list of stuff she appeared on that I made from (typed in NIcole Sullivan) but I had Play pratctice real late (I had to stay at the library for 9 hours!) for the play, and I missed it. Plus my family threw it out thinking it wasn't "Important" yea w/e! Also I made a list of when I need to tape madtv cuz I finally found out the pattern of the repeats.. THEY ARE IN ORDER! WOW! lolness.. but i still missed the christmas ep, 811, and 804 i think.. damn it! I hope they show enough repeats so I can tape 825!!

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