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Mmmm I have to disagree with you about that "LOL humor" on behalf of SNL this year, over MADtv. And I'm not saying that as a MADtv fan; I say that as a fan of sketch comedy in general. I used to watch SNL a lot more than MADtv during MAD's 9th and 10th seasons. I tried watching a few episodes this year, and I have to say that I'm highly disappointed in the lack of quality material SNL has been putting out there. The only good episode all year long, was when Tina Fey hosted and that was it. Everything else for me, has been very bland for me.

As far as the finales go, I'm interested in seeing the direction the American Idol sketch takes with the castmember elimination. It'd be funny if they end up eliminating people like Arden.

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