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Since news is starting to break about the finale, here's its thread, and here's the sum of what we currently know:

Originally Posted by nick
If you have access to Hulu, and from what I understand, if you're not in the US, you're screwed, MADtv uploaded two preview clips from the finale episode. They might be up on MAD's official website, or the FOX on Demand site, I'm not sure. (U! S! A!)

It's called Castmate Elimination Show. Oster... plays... a host. Again. Keegan, Johnny, Arden, Crista, Bobby, and an old man are contestants. Jordan is Randy Jackson, Nicole is Paula Abdul, and Michael is Simon Cowell. The judges review the contestants.

Also, "Scrapbooking with Bobby and Dave." It's 24 with Bobby with Dave Navarro. Bobby sleeps, Dave does things to wake Bobby up, Bobby has a boil, gross-out humor follows.
If a certain someone were to rip the promos and MediaFire them for me, said promos would certainly find their way into the first post in a big hurry.

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