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Originally posted by mizzimad
(or at least your Fiona and Farrah)
What is THAT supposed to mean Mizzi?

But, back on topic...

Wow! It's great to have you hear Lisa! I miss Susan Whitfield...

Anyway, hear are my questions-

1. Is Susan Whitfield simply made-up, or is she based on someone you've met in real life?

2. Im also an Improv-er and find it really fun! I really want to make a career out of it, tips?

(I've taken classes and plan to take more, when Im old enough I hope to attend Second City)

3. Have you ever met Stephnie Weir? I would think that two very funny ladies like yourselves would get along really well.

Thanks for taking time to answer everyone’s questions Lisa! I hope you stick around awhile and really enjoy your stay here!
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