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Originally posted by Mad Dog
MADtv is not rascist. The only reason they make all the "black jokes" or "latin jokes" or even "gay jokes" for that matter is because of ratings. They started doing them in season 4 and 5 and fans paid attention. So obviously it's getting a positive reaction more than a negative one. As for getting recognition because they're white? Sorry can you add some substance to that empty statement? Cast member's get recognition based on audience feedback. As far as I know the black cast on MAD has always done considerably well. Debra just took a few seasons to shine through and do her thing, that's all.
All right I realise that I didn't watch the early season of MAD, but just from reruns on CH... IT seems really odd to me that it took Debra lets say a season and a half??? Aries... well there was already a black guy there so it took him a season or so, etc. The point is, and I think I mentioned this in another thread, anyone whos on the show should be given a chance.... Debra and others weren't given that chance because of type casting... Let them do their thing... let them be their own comedic self, with their own style... you know? And I never really noticed this until Jordan came along... I just think that MADtv is slightly racist for giving them ONLY stereotype roles at the beginning... I don't find anything wrong with them giving them some stereotype roles, as long as they also give them a chance to show off the rest of their talent. I dunno... And I never will until I am a different race, on MADtv... So its just My Opinion. I don't have inside sources like alot of you guys. I try emailing castmembers but they don't keep in touch with me like they do with you... I must be doing something wrong. So my only way of knowing whats going on in MADtv is by guessing



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