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Jerry Springer's Alleged Lovers: It was okay. The tattoo that said "Jerry loves Todd" was really unexpected. I just don't understand why Lauren and the pirate were there.

Daughter of Legends: I didn't laugh at all, but Erica shined in this one. I couldn't help smiling to her. It was a nice sketch, but not funny.

What would YOU do?: Best sketches of the night. Johnny just keeps getting better.

Tafari Jones Workplace Reggae: Just bad, that's all I can say. The second part was little better, but it wasn't that good, either.

Happy Women's Day from MADtv: Stupid and predictable. Arden's act is really pushing my nerves.

Henibana: I did laugh a little to Erica and Eric, but as a whole, this was just really unfunny. Keegan was even more annoying than usually and I didn't believe that could be possible.

Tips: This kind of reminded me of Montel Chilliams from season 11. Nicole was good in this, but Bobby ruined it.

Luann Lockhart's Date: Huge letdown. I love Luann, but this was almost unwatchable. She definitely should NOT be in actual sketches. Eric was good, though. This was most likely the worst sketch of the episode, unfortunately.

MADtv Extras: Pointless, didn't like.

Jerry Springer: What have we Learned Tonight?: Didn't really have a purpose. But yeah, it was different.
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