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Default Feuding Parents

  • Ike Barinholtz ... Roy Shank (4 appearances)

    Mo Collins ... Cathy Finkel Shank (4 appearances)

    Ron Pederson ... Finkel (3 appearances)

    Stephnie Weir ... Wendy/Kelly Shank (4 appearances)


    Ike Barinholtz and Mo Collins play Roy and Cathy Shank a married couple who are always arguing. Ron Pederson plays Grandpa Finkel, Cathy's father, who always joins in on their arguments. Stephnie Weir plays the Shanks' daughter, who is seemingly oblivious to the fighting that goes on in her family.


    825 Feuding Parents (without Grandpa Finkel) (Debra-Beth)
    We are first introduced to the Shanks.

    908 Feuding Parents: Thanksgiving Dinner #1-2 (Josh-Steve)
    The Shanks eat Thanksgiving Dinner.

    911 Feuding Parents: Christmas (Paul-Jack Milse, Melissa-Janie Milse)
    The Shanks celebrate Christmas.


    "Kill me!" - Roy Shank

    "Shut up! Shut your big fat boozy mouth!" - Roy/Kathy Shank

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