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Ah!! I found the picture!! It's in the June 25/July 2, 2004 issue of Entertainment Weekly on page 120. I didn't even notice that. It's a little one of David and Julian Holloway doing voicework for Father of the Pride. Dave's hair is so long these days! He aged fairly well, he looks pretty much like he did in Dude Where's My Car? But I can't help thinking that he's not even 40 yet. When he was in Office Space he was only, like, 31, that's really young, and he already looked different. I don't know, I'll give the man a break, he atleast looks unmistakably like himself now (and consistently has impeccable hair ). I can't wait to see him in his next two movies!! Thank you, Darcy, by the way, for enlightening us.
P.S.- for those of you who want to see Table One, but dont have it at your local Blockbuster, try your local library. I found a copy in in my county's library catalog!

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