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Default Re: WHO/WHAT 817

Music Video: P.Diddy & Kim Jong Il "Bomb, Bomb Bomb": While Bobby's impression was good, I don't really like Music Video spoofs when they use an artists song with a different person singing it. I would prefer they did a flatout parody like they do with Britney/ Christina/ Madonna videos etc. But this was marginally funny. Aries' inclusion wasn't spectacular.

CSI: This was funny in parts, but I felt in some places that it fell flat. It was funny when Michael's character climbed up ontop of Simon's character and was being freaky.

Angela: Hidden Video: Angela is my absolute favourite character and this was a great sketch! It was better than the one in the previous episode w/ the cheerleaders, but that might just be because I had seen that one before. I loved this one. It was very sharp and Angela really is the driving force in these sketches. It didn't even need Billy and Natalie. The bit with the Dog was really funny, so was when she found the video camera and the little kid came downstairs with the cigarette and started dancing around.

Queen Of Queens: This was good, I thought Simon and Frank both did a great job, but Paul was somewhat annoying in this. I hate when he uses that queeny voice, even if the sketch calls for it. Frank's impression was hilarious. Overall an okay sketch.

Commercials From Around The World: I agree that this one had good and bad aspects, but in my opinion, the phenomenal acting from Mo, Ron and Bobby outweighs they bad acting by Aries and the weirdness of the Indian one (which was still slightly funny). It's weird though, because this would have been a good chance for Bobby not to be in drag, but there he was again... in drag. But I have to admit that Bobby's at his best when he is a woman. Absolutely hilarious sketch.

Jump Rope #5: Grand Theft Auto: Boring. No rating.

Saddam's Party: This was... weird. Slightly funny, partly pathetic. MADtv rocks because it doesn't focus so heavily on political aspects, rather they bash pop culture, which is what they excel at. I would rather have had something else instead of this.

Bush Family Fitness: Again, marginally funny. It didn't really hold my attention all that much, although Mo hanging from the bars and trying to jump was funny. I love both the impressions, but the material was weak.

Encore: Birdsitter: This was okay. God, Andrew Daly was annoying. What horrible acting. Josh is DEFINITELY a much better "straight man" than him. Stephnie reminded me of Mrs Campbell in this, and I noticed that Robert Dassie was the mailman (although I'm sure Angie has already mentioned this somewhere). It was funny when Michael's character compared murder to "masturbation and potato chips".

Dating Your Mom: Josh was good in this, Ike was bland, the material was blah, which isn't surpising since they wrote this. Honestly, they are not a good duo. I don't know why they keep doing sketches around the 2 of them. I honestly think that Bobby and Ron make a way better duo, and as 2 of the most underused castmembers, they should do sketches about them. Josh is good, sometimes great when the material doesn't include Ike, who is just absolutely awful at pretty much everything he does.

Musical Performance: t.A.T.u. "All The Things She Said": I admit to enjoying this "song" for the novelty aspect when it first came out. it was still entertaining to watch them perform, even though their lip sync abilities were horrendous. I don't rate musical perfomances.

Close: Jump Rope #6: Cellular Phone: Boring. No rating.

Overall: Alot of material was weak this week, and in my opinion a good encore would have helped this episode a bit. But it was merely mediocre, not "the worst sketch of season 7" like Rob said it was. I loved Angela and the Commericals parody, and I liked the CSI and KoQ's parody. The rest was sub-par, and the inclusion of the mundane Jump-ropers instead of a real sketch detracted from the episode IMO.

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