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Originally posted by DaNiKsTa48

Huh?? I don't watch the real show. hehe... if thats what you were askin about characters on the show. I think I might watch it though to catch Nicole! I had a list of stuff she appeared on that I made from (typed in NIcole Sullivan) but I had Play pratctice real late (I had to stay at the library for 9 hours!) for the play, and I missed it. Plus my family threw it out thinking it wasn't "Important" yea w/e! Also I made a list of when I need to tape madtv cuz I finally found out the pattern of the repeats.. THEY ARE IN ORDER! WOW! lolness.. but i still missed the christmas ep, 811, and 804 i think.. damn it! I hope they show enough repeats so I can tape 825!!

They intentionally left out the christmas episode it went from 810 to 812..........anyway........i dont remember which episode had the star dates and sketch that never ended in it.......anyone help..........I hope they air that one again......i saw it but i didnt tape it and it was so freaking funny I want to get it on tape.
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