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I think I remember Aries as one of the queens at the card game table who said "Remember, queens are wild!"

anyway- I thought I'd do a review.. I don't do reviews, I just felt like doing one because alot of you did'nt like this episode, But I thought it was good!

Bomb Bomb Bomb Video- This was hilarious! I think you have to see the video and hear the song, and also know the singers and the band and stuff to understand it. I saw it and stuff and it was a good Idea. I liked the Puff Daddy part. Man that guy is so stupid! lol But it wasn't like my favorite music video or anything. it was ok and it had its funny moments.

CSI:- OMG THIS WAS HILARIOUS! I Watch CSI religiously with my mom, and my dad, and when I showed this to my dad me and him loved it! They did it perfectly! Even though they SO EXAGGERATED. Actually most of the time Madtv does exaggerate with parodies! But thats what makes it funny I just wish they did the rest of the cast from the real show a little.. but it was good enough with just those ppl. But I liked how I could really relate to it because I know CSI really well.

Angela: Babysitting- I thought this was funny especially the part about who girls her age kiss inanimite or howeveru spell it objects! That was funny! It was a little boring for about maybe 10 seconds, with her big speech and stuff, but the ending was funny how she ducked even though they saw her. I myself didn't even see that that boy in the backround (dancing) was even smoking- I had to watch that sketch a few times to realize that he was. This wasn't the best Angela sketch but it was still good!

Queen of Queens- This was ok, but it was kind of boring.. The part where they talked all gay and stuff was funny, but it got kind of old. But it was still watchable...

Jump Rope #5- This was ok- I like listening to the lyrics because they are funny. I liked that Terror alerts, got me down one they did. And the grand theft auto one was funny too! I played that game and it is just how they say. But I'd rather see another sketch with something else than this..

Commercials From around the world- I LOVED THE WHOLE THING! Every commercial was funny! Especially the Irish one and the Indian one.. I wonder if Ron was actually speaking SOME irish or he was just mumbling whatever.. The indian one was kind of boring at the beginning, but then when they did that fast closeup of the goat, It was hysterical! And then when That midget came out and it showed the commercial was for McDonalds, I was totally cracking up! This whole thing was funny and good performances from everyone, but especially Ron!

Sadaam's Party- I thought this dragged out too long, but It had funny moments. But I don't really know who all these people are that good, I just know they are from Korea, Germany, France. heh.. But everyone did a good performance here. I liked the dance that that German guy was doing. hehe I take German in school and seeing Josh play a german guy was funny!

Bush Family Fitness- I love any Bush sketches! Hehe I like them making fun of Bush! And frank and MO do good impressions too! And they do a good job of getting the point across that Bush is.. well nevermind. lol I dont wanna get all political.. And it was short, and to the point, and It was realy funny when he said he'd be grounded from Nintendo and Gameboy. lol!

Dating Your mom- This was so stupid I hated every second of it.. Josh and Ike should NOT BE writing! Let stephnie do the writing! And even Mike is ok! but NOT IKE AND JOSH! Josh and Ike are okay actors, but Ike is just not funny! SO JUST DONT DO IT! DONT WRITE! I hated this sketch! AHHH!

Tatu Performance: "All the things she said"- I Thought this was "interesting" My friend and me were joking about it and stuff saying how fake the performance was, and how they lip synched and stuff.. And at the end how one of them knocked down a mic, to be "tough" or something.. i guess. ?? It was kind of boring but That song is ok i guess... but its kind of strange! lol

Jump Rope #6- This is ok But I don't really remember it that well.. I suppose its just like the other Jump Rope Sketches...??

All in all, this was an okay episode! It had really funny sketches (CSI: Commercials, Angela, etc.) but it had really dumb ones.. actually there was only one really dumb one (Dating your mom) lol.. but the Queen of Queens one was OK.. but it wasnt that good.. and Plus I dont know who the hell Jerry Stiller is, but Franks impression was still good! hah. I don't know if I'm supposed to calculate and stuff but I think I'm going to give this episode A 7/10 maybe an 8/10. But Ike and Josh's Sketch really hurt it. It was just terrible! icky! lol yeah I think i'm going to give it a.. 7.5/10! yeah! HEH I dont' know if I did this review thing right.. but if I did it wrong, this is the Nik way of doing it! heh! Hope you enjoyed my review!

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