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Alright, here is my full review.

State Ranch Ad: This one was pretty good. Michelle I think was the highlight of this one with Adam a close second. A good sketch to start the episode.

Open: Debra and Aries: Well, it was an opening. We also got to see Debra's tattoos which was pretty good. Hard to judge something that's one goal is to just start the show.

The Suicide Squad: I thought this was a good sketch. Very timely. I enjoyed Michelle trying to coerce people into feeling suicidal. I think it would have been funny though if Amir's character went nuts and the person really was suffering from a problem. A good solid sketch though.

The Cosby Show 2016: My favourite sketch of the night. Cosby is probably Aries's best impression. The best part was when he was running around the room and then said "Paging Dr. Huxtable wiener!". Aries just sells it with the facial expressions. Michelle was also a stand out here as Raven-Seymone. I laughed so much at her opposition to "boxes". Great stuff here. Though this is not the best sketch of the night, it was my favourite.

Sumbrella: Jeremy kills in many of his roles. This one is no exception. Just when he talks in this Sumbrella role it can put a smile on your face. Piotr is also good here too as the judge. He overplays it so much but it works %100. Very good sketch.

Reality Check: Megyn Kelly: Though it was great to see Tova and Belma back on the show, this was not the funniest outing for them. Their insults to Kelly were just not that funny. The sketch did have one funny part with Belma's black power hairdo, but otherwise not much here.

The Hollywood Minute: Like with Princess Polly, did any of the writers tell Amir that this character is a lot like Johnny Gan? Right down to doing bad impressions of actors and movies. This was just not funny. Adam though was in good form as the sidekick. I found his accent funny. Lyric's Viola Davis is by far her best impression. Her ranting about Wendy Williams was great. Otherwise though, not a very good sketch.

Jeff Goldblum for ShopCo #1: Jeff Goldblum is definately Piotr's best impression. It's the one that he has the best voice for and with make up, can look the most like. I do agree with blackwind that hearing Jeff Goldblum talk about the ratio of hot dogs and hot dog buns is a real issue that would drive someone insane. It was good I guess.

Oprah: My Journey with Weight Watchers: Everyone seems to love this sketch and I don't know why. Wait I know why, it's the lesbianism! I do think that it's funny, though not the best. The best part for me was Aries Stedman for when he said "Oprah I (bangs his fist on the table)... I demand you feed me you fat bitch!" I liked the sketch but I didn't love it.

Jeff Goldblum for ShopCo #2: These sketches do start to get worse though as they go. Also, I had a lot of trouble following Jeff in the sketch. I still like that the sketch devolved into a plot from the Devil.

Jeff Goldblum for ShopCo #3:
Not much more to say on this. I think this was one too many.

Close: Debra, Aries and Cast: Ahh the classic black person divide amongst the MADtv black cast members. Aries has always had a problem with this. This was actually pretty funny. Carlie can sometimes showcase how funny and down to earth she is.

So my total star total is 37 out of 60, which rates this episode at a D grade, which is odd because I really liked a lot of the sketches here, but things like Hollywood Minute and the one too many ShopCo ads really brought down this episode. I still enjoyed watching it though, so that's good for something.


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