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Ok... I'm finally watching this. I don't have high hopes, i have to say.

Jerry Springer - Erica showing some good talent... and we have a monologue that kinda works. And I just like Eric. And this solidifies my dislike for Lauren.

Eternal March 1, 2 - 100% sure that applause at the beginning was fake. This was a sketch that is increasingly rare at MAD nowadays. It had a good original idea at heart. Unfortunately, plot advancement and development does not exist in the minds of writers at MADtv. She's dumb and she says dumb things. Boom. Does not move from point A. Then it was reprised. Stupid. Extra star for Keegan and his "so y'all not gonna believe dis..." and "I should stabb you."

What Would You Do? 1, 2, 3 - An opportunity for some funny. The first sketch is funny, if very predictable. Reprise number 2 and 3 are the same thing. Incredibly predictable and a waste of time. And Crista's acing sucked incredibly in this sketch and ruined any believability. :

Workplace Reggae - Keegan is the only non-featured member who I have confidence in as an actor. Have always liked him, and this sketch was no exception. Though it wasn't terribly out-of-the-box, the lyrics were clever, Keegan's performance was good and the music didn't sound cheap and crap.

International Women's Day - I hate Arden and any writer who thought this was a good idea. This is the kabillionth time we've seen this exact "sketch"/filler with different topics. No stars.

Henibana 1, 2 - Eric's old guy character is getting a bit old but I still like him. Strangely, Keegan's overreacting character doesn't. Bobby's crappy Asian accent sucks. At least the bloody props are fairly believable. Classic MADtv, and not really in a good way... is this much different than John Madden Popcorn Popper? The head was pretty great, I have to say. And... another reprise. Stupidity.

Workplace Reggae... Again - You just can't do this with commercials. Liking Keegan's performace though so I'll give a couple stars. Clearly filler, though.

Today Show 1, 2 - Bobby is asian. This does not mean he can just play any asian character. He fails. So does the sketch. Nice to see Nicole though. The writing isn't really that shabby, too bad the performance falls flat. Oh, and a crappy Photoshop job is funny on the internet, not on a sketch comedy show. They friggin REPRISED THIS TOO.

LuAnn Lockhart 1, 2 - Oh so awkward. This is the type of character Crista shines in. Nice to take her out of the stand-up setting for a bit, though with no new elements, this act is getting stale. The ex boyfriend just made it depressing, though Eric played the part fantastically. My favorite one still remains Luann at the laundromat, with NRJ as the manager. That was brilliant. WTF REPRISE. NOOO.

Aaannnddd... Outtakes, fantastic. No stars.

Jerry Springer Final Thoughts - Um. Wait. They had a guest star, not in any sketches? And he just recapped the show. Stupid crap. No stars.

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