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I just re-watched this episode (it reran last Saturday and I recorded it and just got around to watching it) so I guess I can do a review, I haven't done a long one in a while.

Open: American Idol - I loved this one. It was so clever and all 3 impressions were great! Bobby and Frank were quite good, too. A great open. 5/5

Montel Chilliams - This was quite a funny sketch. Good job in writing it, Jordan. The Montel parodies are always hilarious. 4/5

Unused Law and Order Openings - Although they weren't hilarious, they were short little bits that helped to glue the show together. I liked them, my favorite was the one with the lamp. And the Kate Walsh one. 3.5/5

LAPD Pinatas - A very funny commercial. Ike was excellent here and usually I don't like if only he could do more things like this! Anyway I liked the part with the tazer the best. 5/5

Democratic Woman of the Year - Nicole and Keegan both had great impressions & Arden, Nicole RJ, Crista, and Jordan were good as well. This one was good, it's great how MAD can do political humor without turning it to a Bush-bashing fest (not that I like Bush), like some other shows (SNL ) do. 4.5/5

Aviary Proposal - Disgusting! But still pretty funny. 3.5/5

Blind Kung Fu Master: Star Wars - Usually this character is grating, but this one was pretty funny, actually. 3.5/5

Wing Woman - Arden at her funniest! This was great. 5/5

Celebrity Pets - These are good sometimes but this one was a snoozer. 2/5

3 Minute Meal: Banana Splits - Crazy, but so funny! I was on the floor! Possibly 1213's highlight. 5/5

Treasure Hunt - Was slow until the end, but the end was so hilarious that it didn't even matter. 4/5

Overall, if you average all of the sketches together it comes out to about a 4/5, which in my book is an A or an A-. Very good episode. The only thing that wasn't good was Celebrity Pets.

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