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I'm guessing the "last episode of MADtv" thing is a sketch. That kind of thing would be announced by the whole cast, and not just by three people, would it not? I'm not really worried by that at all.

My friend Pat had a birthday gift for Crista, and he was worried it might not get to her. So he sees Arden sitting 1 seat away from him, and he writes her a note about Crista's gift, and she refuses to read it. Pretty sad...but I think it was a misunderstanding.
Arden... For shame!

Bummer regarding the whole Frank Caeti thing. From the looks of it, we can still PM him though. I noticed when I would ask certain questions in threads, I would get replies through PM. No matter, we've still got Caeti contact!

And how do producers find out about these things? Do they have assistants lurking on computers looking at past viewing histories?
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