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Default #1213 Review *PATENT PENDING*

Open: Bobby Gets Judged - I've been liking these S12 openings, I must say. The Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell impressions were great, as usual, although I didn't really like Nicole's Randy Jackson impression (I think she could really make it work with a little time, though), but that's just nitpicking. Bobby was good, but the best part was Frank coming out, pretending to be an AI 'contestant' only to be instantly shunned, causing him to run away crying.

Montel Chilliams: Backstage - I liked this too, although it wasn't super-funny. Jordan did a good job writing this (as per usual), but as I said, I didn't find this hilarious. Still good, though.

Unused "Law & Order" Openings - I didn't see the need for four of them (they could have cut out the first two, which just didn't work nearly as well as the last two), especially with another sketch utilizing this theme somewhat (more on that later.) .5

L.A.P.D. Pinatas - I'm convinced, Ike really knows how to make 'lame' things work, and this sketch is proof. Solid tongue-in-cheek, no more, no less.

"Democratic Woman of the Year" Speech - Would have been better if it weren't so long, plus I found it to be a tad overrated as well. Nonetheless, I really liked Keegan doing a Bill Cosby impression, and how this did well in telling us that Barack Obama is supposedly "Mr. Personality" whereas nobody really cares too much about Hillary Clinton (I sure as hell don't.) OBAMA FOR '08! .5

Proposal at the Aviary - All I can say is that bird sh!t better have been oatmeal. Decent one-off, with typically great performances from Michael McDonald/Nicole Parker. .5

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space - Normally I don't like this character, but for whatever reason, this was HILARIOUS! There, I said it. This was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Or as tarza would say, hi-LAR-ious. It didn't feel nearly as forced as past BKFM sketches, and had more of a cartoony, over-the-top, Will Sasso-like quality to it that was killer IMO. Of course, some parts WERE rather forced (like BKFM breaking out of a window, never seen that before ), but other than that, this was (almost) gold. .5

Wing Woman - Remind me never to bring someone like Arden to a bar with me. This was all Arden, without a doubt. Arden is at her irritating best here (yes, that's a good thing here), with the best part being Arden getting into fights with other ladies.

Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog - Another great Celebrity Pets claymation bit, although nothing super. .5

3-Minute Meal: Valentine Edition - Since the first 3 Minute Meals was by far the best thing Crista's ever done, why NOT give it a second go? While not flat-out awesome like the first (it didn't really break much new ground from that now-seminal sketch), it was still good stuff, and one of the better S12 sketches so far. Next time around, though, Wendy (Crista) is going to have to do nothing short of impaling her head on a steak knife in order to reproduce the magic of the first.

Treasure Hunt - This sketch was 'okay but nothing too special' right up until it incorporated the "Law and Order Unused Openings" theme used earlier in the episode. That was absolute genius IMO. That ALONE deserves...

Quite a good episode overall. High points include 3 Minute Meals, the Treasure Hunt, and BKFM (that's right Rurry ), and there wasn't a SINGLE crappy sketch in this (except for maybe the first two Law and Order Unused Openings.)


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