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Talcum X: Funny concept, not-so-good execution. This was average in every way.
Stone Cold Open: Pretty much sucked...just wasn't funny.
Public School House Rock: Hilarious as usual. The best part was the ending - "Interjection is a big word! That you can't spell! That you can't spell!". And of course, the cursing.
Fightin Ron: Never liked this character, didn't laugh at this, besides the first line about MADtv.
Politcially Incorrect: Kind of funny at parts, but again, nothing special. Yet another ok sketch. .5
Celebrity Family Feud: A pretty good sketch...better then the previous 2 sketches. :star.5
Ms. Swan: Dancing Queen: This was EASILY the best sketch of the episode (besides PSHR) and the best post-Homecoming Swan sketch. Hilarious, and great sketch to end the Swan charactor. (besides when Alex guests and does her).
Amazing Medical Facts: Yet again, another average sketch to end an average episode.
Overall: Like I said, an average episode. Besides Ms. Swan, Public School House Rock, and maybe Celebrity Family Feud, nothing was great IMO.



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