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Also, the tv in MADtv has been capitalized. So if this version really sucks we can say "No, I'm a fan of MADtv, not MADTV." Pfft, "MADTV" what are we, a Greek music channel or something!

I want to like Carlie so much, but I did not like that sketch with her as Warren.

As for Piotr's (I'm going to be looking that up all season) voice on Trump, I agree that it needs a little more fine tuning, but I'm ok with it. I don't need my impressions to be on the spot accurate all the time.

Also, I wanted to ask, is Dora the Explorer still relevant? That Dora sketch felt really dated. I know that Michelle must have written that one herself, because she has a segment just like that on her demo reel, but it felt really old, which is not something MAD is trying to show themselves as. Maybe it would have been better cut up into three parts, but probably not.

I think the best impression of the night had to be Jeremy as Tracy Morgan. He had his look and mannerisms down. Laughing a lot on that one.

Also, what was the deal with getting old Bachelor contestants? What's next, are they going to get Survivor players from seasons 21-24 (this is funny if you know Survivor. Hint: This is considered the worst stretch for the show in terms of seasons).


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