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I guess I kinda spoiled that GoT sketch, didn't I?

Premiering smack-dab in the middle of the election cycle, you would've thought finding a tremendous, tremendous Trump impersonator would've been priority #1. Piotr(?) has the mannerisms and speaking style reasonably well covered -- believe me, folks -- but he needs to work on the voice bigly. Sad!

I didn't realize Elizabeth Warren/Pocahontas was a high-ranking member of the Lollipop Guild. Yikes. Super relieved that's not Carlie's actual voice.

The CW: Officially just as cheap as FOX.

I'll second Jeremy as MVP of this episode, I guess. Apologies for going back to the Trump well, but... HIGH ENERGY!

Oh, and hey, I actually agree with MADfan about something. Pack it in, folks -- the apocalypse is officially upon us.

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