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I'm a Aries Spears and Key and Peele fan, and all three are very talented, but Aries almost was the center force that drove Mad Tv, that can't be denied, he, Debra Wilson, Mo Collins and Micheal McDonald are for the greatest part Mad tv for me. I don't say that others weren't good, they are, but those 4 are kinda the essence of the show. I realize that Aries can be a narcissistic a**hole but whoever tracked his stand up career knows he is one off the best out there ( including Paul Mooney, Gearge Carlin, Eddie Griffin, Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope etc.) but what impressions goes he's even better than Pablo Francisco or Peter Russel. To be honest Key and Peele bouth showed their real talent and ingenuity after Mad TV, especially Jordan Peele, and how good he can truly act, which can primarily be seen in the Key and Peele Show. But that Aries brought them to Mad Tv and the story to how Aries got out of the Show and that he trashes it, I didn't know, in fact I still am not clear on why he left.
Can anybody enlighten me please? thanks
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