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Post From Wendy Walker to Streetwalker: Crista Flanagan Poses for Playboy

Since MADtv aired the cast members we grew to love have done many things. They've been on television shows, movies, and even sidekicks on popular radio shows. You would think that there is nothing else that a cast member could have accomplished, but next month will be a first, as a cast member of ours who kept us smiling even during the darkest hours of the show will grace the cover of a magazine, but not just any old magazine. For those of you trying to guess who it is I will give you a hint. She's short, her name sounds like part of a dessert, and she often injured herself while trying to make meals in a hurry.

If you haven't guessed who it is by now, it is our one and only Miley Cyrus impersonator herself Crista Flanagan, and the magazine she will don, is not just any regular magazine like GQ, or People, it is a magazine that has made it by showing the revealing parts of women, that magazine that I am talking about is Playboy Magazine. That's right. That is not a typo. Our Crista will be appearing on the cover of friggin' Playboy Magazine!

Now even though Crista was a cast member on MADtv for 5 years, and I think we can all agree that that is where her best, and most famous work was, the world and its inability to notice great shows like MADtv fails to agree with us. That is why the magazine will not be centered around Crista's great 5 years at MADtv, but will focus on her 4 seasons of not even full time cast membership on another "MAD" show, AMC's Mad Men.

Due to Mad Men's 60's style look and premise, the 2 covers Crista will don, are both throwbacks to classic covers the magazine had in the 60's, because before this internet thing came along, people had to satisfy there need to see naked women by looking at them in something called a "picture" on "paper" (it's like a streaming video, but it's just one scene that doesn't move, on a thin peace of something that is put in the magazine so people could see it). One is from the beginning of the decade in which Crista imitates Toni Lacey November 1960 cover with an impression that was surely missed by MADtv, and the second (and I think we can all agree more attractive one) is from the end of the decade featuring Crista in the great tie no shirt combination made famous by Sharon Kristie on the April 1969 cover. According to the cover of the magazine, the inside is "An Eight-Page Homage to Cold Martini's and Naked Secretaries Starring Crista Flanagan". Both covers can be seen below you, including the image it was based off of.

Now, even though Crista is in the magazine and on the cover, there are still things we do not know. Will Crista be appearing fully nude in the magazine? Will she just Olivia Munn it and just fill it with hand bras, and tastefully covered up shots? Will MADtv be talked about for half of the interview she gives, or none at all? Will this open the door for other former cast members to appear nude in the magazine like the Nicoles or Arden? We will have to wait and see, but what I do know is that this is a big moment for a cast member who entertained us for so many years, and I encourage all of you to go out and buy the magazine when it comes out tomorrow!

P.S.: The Playboy cover won't be the only thing that Crista appears in come August, as she will also be appearing in the new Friedberg, Seltzer spoof film Vampires Suck coming out August 28th. She will be playing the adopted vampire mother to Edward Sullen (Edward Cullen in the real films), that was originally played in the Twilight films by Elizabeth Reaser, but seeing as it has already been released via work print on the internet, and that it's made by Friedberg and Seltzer, she appears in only one scene, and the movie is made by the same douchbags who made Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans, let's just forget she is appearing in this. But if you would like to see the small scene she has in the trailer, and curse the lord as to why those dumb and dumbers get to keep making movies you can see it here.

UPDATE: So the magazine has been released, and I can now confirm that Crista is indeed nude in the magazine. Now though this is a big moment for one of our best MAD members, I must tell you all that there will be no pictures posted regarding Crista's nudity on this site. Certain logistics prevent us from showing them. If any of you post them they will be removed. If you do wish to see them, we can only suggest searching Google. Sorry for any inconvenience the site may have caused to any of our members and our guests.


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