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Default American Idol 6

I know that some of you goons are watching this, right? At least you'd better be; otherwise, I'm going to feel damn foolish for starting this thread.

I'm pissed as punch that I missed tonight's episode. I set my VCR to record it; and when I got home, the sumbitch tape had miraculously popped out. (I blame the cats. Fukcers. ) Anywhichways, I'll probably just check YouTube over the next few days to see if anyone has posted anything good. I checked, but all I found are slide shows and sucky audition recraps. (Not a typo. Sic...or sick. ) I for one find the initial auditions to be the best parts of the show; so I'm not a shiny, happy person right now. I'll go on...somehow. But anyhoozeez, here's the discussion thread.

Oh, one more thing:


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