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He sounds promising! This looks like great news for MADtv. A matter of fact, this should be front page news. I'll talk to Matt right now about it.

Actually if somone was going to leave it likely will be Aries. After all they hired Jordan and now this guy? According to Frank, MADtv is pleased with everyone and no one is leaving. my opinion that won't happen. THey don't make featured players keep that status 2 years in a row. So the current cast stands at (discluding Mo Collins)...

Ike Barinholtz
Frank Caliendo
Daniele Gaither
Bobby Lee
Keegan-Michael Key
Michael McDonald
Josh Meyers
Nicole Parker
Melissa Paul
Jordan Peele
Ron Pederson
Aries Spears
Gillian Vigman
Paul Vogt
Stephnie Weir

...the seams have to rip somewhere and someone is going to fall out. And since MADtv rarely has anymore than 11 spots on the perminant cast list, at least four people have got to go.

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