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LOL! I got that from a website that jumped all over a guy for spelling it Melado!!!!

Stupid questions answered:

From: "kent"
is robert smith from the minnesota vikings a black, white, or a malado? what is his skin color?

Well after what seemed like many months of waiting for the right answer, doNtBeSt00pid!!!! finally came to the rescue and sent us this response:

Well...This is in response to the Robert Smith question. He is of mixed Race. That is the official answer. it was posted in the question...MALADO. You know...If you are going to use a slang term to specify someone's race...the least you could do is spell the slang word correctly...GEESH...The proper way to spell it is Melado.

I was just going with the limited amount of information I could find.

I'm gonna email them now...

What happened to Andrae?
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