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keegan is a malado (spelling?)....grew up in detroit, got his masters in theatre and performance at penn state....met a guy named joshua funk (a long-time and current director at second city) while doing an independent film....josh saw the genius in him and got him the audition....i spoke recently with the musical director who saw keegan's audition and said within 30 seconds they made up their mind, he was you have to understand, to get cast on a second city stage, it traditionally takes years, going through some form of training and touring on one of their touring companies, this guy walked right in and set the place on fire since he's been there.....i'm not sure of the status, whether or not he'll be a featured player or you said he looks middle eastern, which gives him amazing flexibility in his characters, his middle eastern character(s) are incredible, his yuppie is genius, his street thug is amazing and each time you see these characters, you forget you're watching keegan.....oh yeah, he has the best bill cosby i've ever seen.....and again, i must stress how much of a class act this guy is, purely geniune and a giving player, on top of all this, he was the best improv teacher i have yet to come across in chicago
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