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i feel the need to pipe in on the comments on keegan....i agree that photo is awkard as hell, but he's a normal looking dude...i had the pleasure of studying improv under him at the second city and you will ABSOLUTELY NEVER meet a class act like this guy, the most humble man in the world who deflects all praise to his fellow players, but everyone around him knows he is one of if not the best that's come through second city (think about that, you're talking akroyd, belushi, murray, curtain, farley, meadows) this guy is genius, snl wanted him bad and he opted for madtv...he's a classically trained actor you was born with the gift of improv and sketch, his range of characters is going to blow you away and he is far and away the most intelligent man i've ever you can see, i have a cult-like affinity towards keegan, a lot of it has to do with his character, talented in a a business where people often basque in praise, this guy is all all are in for a huge treat when this guy starts..........where does it mention him starting in January?? is it anymore specific in terms of dates?
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