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Wasn't very funny. Just kidding, I know it wasn't meant to be funny, but still, I wish Nicole had more lines. I mean, she was in every shot, but she only said like 20 words. Well, maybe not 20, but with all the silence parts, it might as well have been 20. Also, I kind of wish it was longer. I really want to know what happens with her and that guy. I really hope they make a Weatherhead 2: Electric Boogaloo (I say this because I think that before they give it a real title, every movie should have Electric Boogaloo as there beginning title), so we can all see her recovery back to society. Either way I did vote for it, because a Nicole Parker movie is a Nicole Parker movie, and the fact that she's a great MADtv cast member is all I need to vote for her. Anyone for Parker 2012 (she could be apart of the fascist party for all I care, I would still vote for her, but I can't because I am not an American, so I guess this whole point is moot)?


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