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Default I just got back from another mad tv taping!

and you know im going to tell you knuckleheads all about it

i think you like my previews?

and i know you love my sorry stories of me talking to the cast members and trying to date crista lol


so yeah this time i was so on edge because it's very likely my last time seeing mad tv before I ship out on december fourth. I was so worried I may never see crista in person again. So worried.

Todays showing was a double fliming of episodes back to back so the mood was chaos. I very easily could have at in the VIP area, but I didn't even try because I don't even care about that shit honestly I wjust wanted Crista to sign my epic movie dvd and talk to me. Wow how lame I am.

So I was waiting around in the vip area where i technically shouldn't have been where i ran into johnny snachez. I talked to him for a few minutes. He is a cool person. I hope he does so well on mad and wins over your hearts and your funny bones. But did you all know, he is rather small. I am only 5'9 which i always think is small but I swear to christ man, Sanchez must be like 5 feet tall if even that.

I also saw nicole walking around the vip-ish area drinking a drink threw a straw I considered talking to her or saying hi but i realised I would have nothing at all to say to her. I could tell her about how all of you clowns love her here on this board, haha. Wow that would have sounded so insane I'm glad I said nothing. The thing that struck me most about Nicole was her hips were very wide. She's hot and sexy and all, but her hips are really wider in person.

I also met that Dan Oster who was making his premier tonight. Got to speak to him for a few minutes. More about that later.

Ok so you all want to know about the show and the skits I guess.

the opening skit was a musc video of nicole as hillary clinton and keegan as barack obama singing about how they want to sex each other and they have jungle fever while they are campagining etc. pretty funny i guess.

there was another installment of the rice and beans tour through america with bobby lee and johnny sanchez

kathy griffin had a sketch with michael where they were supposed to be in iraq entertaining the troops (but they were not really in iraq, just another set with props) and the main joke of this seemed to be that very few troops cared to see miss griffin or micheal either

there was a sketch where nicole interveiwed jordan as a british pickpocket who was not very clever or slick. He just waltzes up to people and punches them and takes their purse or kicks them in their junk yeah

there was segment where dan oster got introduced. dan read some excerps from his romance novel instead of doing stand up like anjelah or johnny did. yes, the romance novel was concieved to be humorous, so relax, ok

then the little white guy from "the last comic standing" came out all un expected like and did more stand up. i forget his name, but i think it was john leet or something. he was real funny looking.

there was another sketch where anjela acted sort of" ghetto" i guess as a burger king employee. crista, arden, bobby and keegan all order food but mostly they get ignored by the ghetto anjelah, who is only interested in keegan and his ghetto-ish look. oh yeah and michael is the manager of the burger king in this one. crista is great doing anything, even if it's just ordering a sandwich in a very tiny role.

and as usuall there was lots of bobby lee into the crowd but that was liekly all off camera so none of you will ever see it i guess. and also jordan came out unexpectedly and started dancing all crump style with this one hot girl audiance member. that was pretty hot.

and i got to talk to dan oster about how he spent a few years in holland recently doing comedy there and how he does more improv than anything else so i guess that's what you can expect from him

btw, the epsiode i told you about will not air untill two weekends from now. yeah. And as usual, I may have forgot a skit or three too because I just don't even really care at this point.

forgive me for not giving you guys a bit more colorfull preview of this episode, i don't really have it in me tonight...

i suppose you could guess why

to make a long story short, i did get to meet crista again with my littel brother this time and she did sign my dvd, "best wishes, crista flanagan" but i asked her if she would maybe date me, she told me she had a boyfriend. so sad for me. It's not the end of the world I suppose. There are plenty of other girls out there ready to say yes or no to me, but now that I can add Crista to the no pile, I feel so sad, ya know? Imagine if you nicole fans all you nicole fans out there who don't see Crista as funnier and prettier, what if nicole said no to you? You would feel sad. crista is so pretty with her gigantic smile

I got to talk to her for a minute or two also this time. yes, i got hugged again also. So that makes 3 hugs from crista. I got to tell her a little more clealy that I'm leaving on the 4th of december and that I'm in the navy and I'm her fan even if she will not date me. But It's just not the same. It hardly even matters to me now. She told me I could stay untill the end and she would talk to me some more, but I was too sad. So I left just as they were starting to film the second show. and i stole a mad tv shirt from the consescion stand in a little spot of spite an frustration. lol

Will I remain a mad tv fan? Pretty much, yes

Will I remain a Crista Fan? Of course!

Will I attend any more mad tv tapings? No, but that's probobly because I will be gone to boot camp before they tape any more episodes.

But Am I sad? Most definately I am. So SAD

so as usual, any questions? Who wants to reflect some of my Crista-less misery? anybody?

there it is. that's all the past now...

Crista said "no"

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