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Originally Posted by tarzapam View Post
Can i just add...i don't think crista has ever been "chubby" shes always been tiny.maybe blame the clothing they put her in for making her seem that way???
Well, first off, I should point out that "chubby" is relative. When I use the term, it's important you don't equate it with "fat" or even "overweight". When I use the term, not only do I not intend for it to bear a negative connotation, I expect it to be read back in a completely, totally, 100% positive light. When I use the term, I'm referring primarily to cheek definition and overall facial roundness (although, I *do* prefer an equally filled-out body), and comparing my signature to the smile frame of my current avatar alone should make it crystal clear that there is, indeed, a sizable rift between Crista at her "chubbiest" and her most slender. No, it wasn't the outfit -- it was all her -- and at least as far as I'm concerned, that's a very, very good thing. That said, I've been doing a little research over the past few nights, and three things stand out:
  1. She hasn't been as deathly thin this season as I initially thought after all. In the triathlon sketch, though, she was definitely as skin-and-bones as she's ever been, and I'm sure that was no coincidence. No matter how much I weighed, I wouldn't want to appear on TV in a bikini without first slimming down either. Let's just all thank our lucky stars that'll never be an issue.
  2. She seems to drift in and out gradually enough that her weight fluctuations have never been that big a deal. It's only when we're given "Crista & Bobby's Triathlon" and "Anniversary Misunderstanding" back-to-back that it becomes a shock to the system.
  3. By and large, you're right -- she *has* always been tiny -- but she definitely turned a corner around #1210, which, not coincidentally, was exactly when she wrote "The Fast". Sketch or not, as we all know, there's at least a shred of truth to every joke. What does it say about this world when even one of the most gorgeous of girls looking the very best she ever has can still feel inadequate?
Anyway, I realize I'm wasting my time here -- society dictates that chubby = ugly, and even if she happens upon these comments, she'd be a fool to change based on my say-so alone -- but my initial ramblings were pertinent to the discussion, and as long as we were on the subject, I figured I might as well ride the encouragement train to the very end of the line. Gradual as her metamorphosis from tiny to chubby and back to tiny again may have been, this out-of-the-blue reminder of just how cute she used to be really does have me longing for the good ol' days. From a beauty standpoint, someone of her look type is *far* better served by a chubby face than a slender one; from a comedic standpoint, as I mentioned initially, the more facial area one possesses, the more expressive one can be; from a personal well-being standpoint, the ability to live one's life without being a slave to the scale, I think, speaks for itself. In my view, there's absolutely *no* reason this girl should be so concerned with conforming to society's norms. As long as she knows she's beautiful no matter what the scale reports, though, I suppose I'm satisfied.

Also..can i just ask,cause i've obviously missed something...
No, you can't. Sorry. I won't permit it.

Originally Posted by dannysteel View Post
Now that the strike is over, I wander when they are going to start showing new episodes of Mad TV?
Unknown at this point. We'll be sure to let you all know when we know.

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