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Originally posted by MikeMcDonaldGrl

I bet in the next few years, MADtv will either be cancelled or all of the current cast members that are here now will leave, so there's no point in going if you're favorite cast will no longer be there
I don't think that MAD tv will be cancelled for a very long time, and even if your favorite castmembers do leave, you'll probably find another castmember who you wouldn't mind meeting. So it's NOT pointless... Even if your favorite castmember is gone, it's a great experience, it's like a big party, and you never know if some one is going to drop by unexpectedly. This year alone Nichole's been there Three times! Lucky for you at least, even if michael mcdonald did ever leave, I doubt he'd stop going to groundlings, so if you DID come out to LA, you could still probably meet him, and it's a much more relaxed setting there, too.
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